About Us

At Bissinger, Oshman, Williams & Strasburger, we focus on your unique facts, weaving them into a narrative that meets the letter of the law, but also resonates with the moral judgment and common sense of the judge, jury, or arbitrator deciding your case. This is a method we’ve refined over several years and it’s helped us achieve consistently successful results on behalf of our clients.

We’ve built such strong relationships with our clients because, like them, we are also entrepreneurs. We understand their needs and goals, and as their representatives we share in the risk and the reward of their cases through a variety of contingent-fee arrangements. Having skin in the game has changed our approach to one of targeted execution.

If you believe your case requires little involvement from you or your lawyers, we may be the wrong firm for you. But if your business, career, or fortune is on the line, you may want to talk to us. We have a record of success in challenging cases in which clients like you need seasoned and skilled advocates with the support of a small but skilled staff, first-class technology, and access to top outside consultants, all targeting our energy to obtaining the best possible outcome.