Commercial Real Estate, Finance, and Banking

Commercial Real Estate

We have tried to verdict, or to final arbitration award, several complex real-estate disputes. We have won motions for summary judgment in many more.

For example, we recently won on behalf of our client a $1,000,000 jury verdict against a commercial landlord for its withholding of consent to our client’s proposed assignment of its lease to another tenant. We also recently handled the largest reported commercial deed restriction case in Texas. The case, which encompassed seven commercial owners, was decided in favor of our client on appeal, and later settled as part of a complex land transaction.

Much of our firm’s real estate practice arose out of the 2008 financial crisis, and our firm often handles matters that involve both a real estate and financial component. These might include banks that have foreclosed on properties and later had those foreclosures challenged by the property owner, securities and other forms of fraud in connection with the sale of real estate, and litigation arising from the sale and management of properties which have had liens foreclosed on by banks and other financial institutions.


Our firm’s banking practice arises out of its extensive financial experience as well as our securities and real-estate practices. Our core bank litigation work includes disputes involving everything from letters of credit, commercial foreclosures, check-kiting, factoring, and efforts by fraudsters to divert money away from banks, such as out-of-country and advance fee scams.

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